Airtrain service at New York JFK airport

The 24-hour JFK AirTrain is the fastest and easiest way to move around JFK Airport. The system connects all passenger terminals to airport parking lots, the hotel shuttle pick-up area, the rental car center, and NYC’s public transportation network at Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations, where you can connect with the subway, the Long Island Rail Road, and public buses.

Airtrain JFK Airport


AirTrain is free between terminals and airport grounds. But if you start or end your journey at Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations a fee applies. There, the fee is *$10.75 USD ($2.75 subway fare and an $8 AirTrain fare), payable only by Metrocard (if you don't have the metrocard add an extra USD1.00). There are Metrocard machines located at both Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations.

* You can use unlimited ride MetroCards and OMNY on the subway but not on the AirTrain.

Between the Terminals

AirTrain connects all passenger terminals at JFK. This service is free. Typically, the Jamaica and Howard Beach lines operate in the following order: Terminals 1 & 2, Terminal 4, Terminal 5, Terminal 7, Terminal 8 and then proceeds to its origin station. The Central Terminal Train operates in the reverse order and only circles between terminals.

Any changes in these train journeys will be reflected on AirTrain Platform information monitors.

To and From NYC Public Transportation

AirTrain connects to NYC’s public transportation network at Jamaica and Howard Beach Stations. To learn more about our connection options, including travel to Manhattan, visit our public transportation page.

To and From Parking Lots

AirTrain stations are adjacent to the corresponding short-term parking lot at each Terminal, which are color-coded and indicated on the above map.

Long-term parking lots are located near Lefferts Boulevard Station, which is connected to the terminals with the Howard Beach AirTrain line.

To and From Hotel Shuttles and Rental Cars

All airport hotel shuttles and rental car facilities are located at Federal Circle station on the AirTrain, which is accessible by both the Jamaica and Howard Beach lines.


All AirTrain trains and stations are ADA-compliant and are equipped with elevators and escalators. There are two designated wheelchair locations on each vehicle. There are wheelchair accessible connectors at Jamaica and Howard Beach Station to and from the Long Island Railroad and subway platforms.

For the hearing impaired, there are visual signs on the train and in the stations. For the visually-impaired, there are destination announcements on board the train and guide dogs are welcome. There are also tactile platform warning surfaces, as well as raised-letter and Braille signs.