New York Subway System

Subway and Light rail services at JFK airport

The AirTrain connects all passenger terminals with the New York subway system at Jamaica and Howard Beach stations. At Jamaica, you can take the E (Queens, Midtown Manhattan), J or Z (Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan) lines.

From Howard Beach, you can take the A line to Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

If you take the subway to the airport, you will disembark at the Sutphin Boulevard station on the E, J and Z lines or at the Howard Beach station on the A line to access the AirTrain network.


All subway fares are independent of the AirTrain, but can be paid with any MetroCard. The fare is USD2.90. Together with the AirTrain ticket, the total fare will be USD11.25 (if you do not have a MetroCard, add USD1.00 extra).

Tip: in case your stay in New York is at least 4 days, consider getting the 7-day unlimited pass, which costs USD34.00.


  • Line E - Midtown Manhattan Penn Station W.34 St. to / from Jamaica
    Fare USD11.25 - Travel time: 50 minutes
  • Line A - Lower Manhattan below W.14 St. to / from Howard Beach
    Fare USD11.25 - Travel time: 60 minutes
  • Line E - Upper Manhattan W. 125 St. to / from Jamaica. In Manhattan, transfer to subway or bus for final destination.
    Fare USD11.25 - Travel time: 75 minutes
  • Lines J or Z - Southern Queens, Northern Brooklyn to / from Jamaica
    Fare USD11.25 - Travel time: 50 minutes

JFK Subway Howard Beach station
Photo by Hans Isaacson Unsplash

Long Island Rail Road

This commuter train links Jamaica Station with Penn Station (on the west side of Midtown Manhattan), Grand Central (on the east side of Midtown Manhattan) and Atlantic Terminal (in downtown Brooklyn), as well as all destinations within Long Island. Fares and schedules vary by time and day. Travel time can be significantly shorter than using the subway. More information