Taxis at JFK Airport

Taxicabs at JFK airport

Cab ranks

Cab stands are located outside each terminal. Ignore non-uniformed persons offering to help with luggage. Look for uniformed porters or airline employees for assistance. For ground transportation information, visit the Port Authority Welcome Center located in the Arrivals area of each terminal, where uniformed personnel will assist you.


There is a 50-cent state tax added to travel within New York, but not to travel to New Jersey. One fare pays for all passengers to a destination. Four passengers (five in minivans) is the limit for New York City cabs. The meter must read USD3.00 at the beginning of the trip (except for JFK-Manhattan trips, with a flat fare of USD70.00). An airport access fee of USD1.75 per trip will apply for pick-ups only.

JFK airport taxi
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(Tips and tolls not included)

Between JFK and Manhattan

The flat rate is USD70.00 to the first destination (plus tolls and tips). The meter and receipt must reflect that this trip is a flat rate. Cabs impose a surcharge of USD5.00 during peak hours (4:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekdays, excluding holidays), for a total fare of USD75.00.

Between Terminals

USD6.00 - USD10.00

To the Bronx

Co-op City: USD73.00 - USD78.00
The Hub (149th & 3rd Ave.): USD70.00 - USD75.00
Riverdale: USD97.00 - USD105.00

To Brooklyn

Downtown: USD73.00 - USD78.00
Coney Island: USD63.00 - USD68.00

To Queens

Citi Field: USD38.00 - USD43.00
Main St. & 60th Ave.: USD30.00 - USD35.00

To Staten Island

New Dorp Lane: USD95.00 - USD103.00
Victory Boulevard: USD94.00 - USD102.00

Connecting JFK with LaGuardia

Taxi (metered): go to the uniformed taxi dispatcher. Travel time: 30 minutes.
Private Limousine/Van Service: go to the Welcome Center in the baggage claim area. Travel time: 30 minutes.

Fares to LaGuardia Airport: USD48.00 - USD53.00

Connecting JFK with Newark Liberty

Taxi (metered): go to the uniformed taxi dispatcher. Travel time: 75-90 minutes.
Private Limousine/Van Service: go to the ground transportation information desk in the baggage claim area. Travel time: 75-90 minutes.

Fares to Newark Liberty International Airport: USD157.00 - USD177.00 (plus a USD20.00 surcharge)

Ride sharing

Lyft is available in the Cell Phone Lots, while the Uber pick-up area is located outside the Arrivals Hall of Terminals 1 and 4, and in the Terminal 5 baggage claim area and boarding level.